Personal Development

Personal development is another important aspect of life that television can bring to a wide audience for the benefit of everybody. To be able to understand where you are in your life, it helps to understand what drives you through life and how your actions can affect the outcomes you experience.

This article is an important one for many people especially those that have not already begun to work on that side of themselves that is affecting their lives in many different ways. It looks at what the development of the self is all about, why it is necessary and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Developing the Self

personal developmentFirst of all, are you even aware that your lot in life is largely down to you and not so much to external influences? If this is the first time you ever heard this, it may come as something of a surprise.

Many people reject this concept out of hand right away without ever looking any closer at it. But this is a big mistake, because no matter if you have been lead to believe that it is your environment that causes the life you will lead through your whole life, you can turn that on its head with some common sense.

You see, the onus is on the individual as to whether they make a success of their lives or not. It is the individual's choice if they enter a particular career, study for certain exams and then pass them, gain qualifications in certain disciplines or head off to the welfare office to claim benefits.

In short, you can be a successful person, a mediocre person or a failure and which path you choose will be one hundred percent down to you and you alone!

Now is the Time to Change

There are many people who will tell you that they are too old to change, or as they are so shall they remain. You might even hold that particular sentiment yourself! But you can change it and you can change it whenever you decide to change it!

That time can be now, tomorrow or next week but the one thing it cannot be is any time in the past. What has gone is gone and you can never get that time back.

So it might be a good idea to make the decision that you are going to start making positive changes right away and not waste a moment more of your life. After all, you are not going to get any more life than you already have allotted to you so you might as well make the most of it!

How Can a Person Change?

If you have gone through life believing that you are in the place you are in because that's "your place" in life, you need a shocking wake up call right now. Because that is not the truth. It's a sinister lie that people get told to keep them down in the rank and file so they never aspire to anything approaching greatness.

Why is this so? It's because the people that run countries (governments) prefer an easily pliable population that will vote for them in every election. People are easily pliable when they are downtrodden but also when they don't know they have the power to ask questions or stand up for themselves.

Being individualistic is not encouraged because individuals have minds of their own, question everything and are generally a nuisance to politicians because they have a tendency to cause them trouble whenever they try to implement new schemes that are not in the public interest. This happens quite often. So the fewer "radical" individuals with the courage to stand up to sleazy politicians, the better for said politicians!

But that aside, you have it in you to change yourself and lift yourself up from the place that you now occupy to a better place if you choose to do so.

You change by deciding that's what you are going to do and then you do it!

What about the Law of Attraction?

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Much has been publicized about the attractive nature of the forces that surround us and our ability to tap into this energy to bring us the things that we desire. While this is actually quite true in essence, there is rather more to it than just rocking in an easy chair and idly wishing for a lot of money to drop into your lap!

To invoke this powerful law of attraction, you need to first be able to get into tune with your own thoughts and emotions. You need to focus your thoughts on the positive things that you desire in your life and emotionalize those desires with positive emotion.

Then you need to take action to bring about the things you desire. By being persistent in your positive thinking, you will get to a stage where you begin to have ideas related to how to attain your desired things. You need to put those ideas into action and if you do it with determination and total faith that you will succeed, then sooner of later the things that you desire will come into your life.

It All Starts with Thought

In other words, everything that you can attract into your life starts out with what you are thinking about most of the time. If your predominant thoughts are of success, prosperity and happiness, then these things will gravitate to you.

If on the other hand your thoughts are predominantly negative and you focus on poverty, lack, limitation and want. These are the things that will find their way into your life.

What is of great concern is that it is way too easy to attract these negatives into your life because they seem to gravitate to people that do not make the effort to exclude negative thoughts by flooding their heads with positive ones!

So you see, depending on what your predominant thoughts (and associated emotions) are about, you shape your life in their image. That's why a person can spend their whole life in misery or in happiness depending on what is uppermost in the thoughts most of the time.

You might want to ponder all that before you are so quick to dismiss the power of your own thought processes!

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