Diets Advertised on TV

There are many great weight loss diets that get advertised on TV commercials at all levels and are aimed at a wide range of people in a variert of situations. these will include the stay at home moms, busy working executives, people who drive vehicles for a living and are often away from home for long periods, office workers, manual workers and just about everyone who is overweight and needs help in losing several pounds or more and is often too busy to take the time to work on a conventional diet.

There are advantages and disadvantages to these diet plans, but one thing is for sure. They are certainly popular and thousands of people sign up for one or other of them every day.

TV Advertised Diets

Here is a short list of some of the more popular diet programs that get advertised on television and have a big impact on the people who watch them and are attracted to learning more and then signing up:

The list is not exhaustive and there are plenty more smaller diets that don't even make it to the small screen but do have a presence online and in magazines and newspapers.