Diets Advertised on TV

There are many great weight loss diets that get advertised on TV commercials at all levels and are aimed at a wide range of people in a variert of situations.

These will include the stay at home moms, busy working executives, people who drive vehicles for a living and are often away from home for long periods, office workers, manual workers and just about everyone who is overweight and needs help in losing several pounds or more and is often too busy to take the time to work on a conventional diet.

While it is also important to maintain fitness levels, there are advantages and disadvantages to these diet plans, but one thing is for sure. They are certainly popular and thousands of people sign up for one or other of them every day.

TV Advertised Diets

Here is a short list of some of the more popular diet programs that get advertised on television and have a big impact on the people who watch them and are attracted to learning more and then signing up:

The list is not exhaustive and there are plenty more smaller diets that don't even make it to the small screen but do have a presence online and in magazines and newspapers.

Bizarre World Foods

Despite the mass globalisation of major food brands, it is amazing that most countries seem to still have a really strong cultural food identity. This is more important than ever now, what with the pandemic of obesity looming threateningly on the horizon.

Nearly 1.7billion humans are now obese and this figure looks set to continue rising as medical health improves but does not keep up.

However, eating locally and trying the dishes that are traditional to the country is not only a treat for the palate, but a great way of sort of understanding the country a bit better. It can also prove a test of courage for some strange dishes!

When asked what foods are associated with a country, some are easy. Sweden? Meatballs. Japan? Sushi of course. India? Curry. There are some really bizarre dishes out there though.

Forget your stomach churning (for me anyway!) French snails, and Scottish haggis (let's not go into what it's made from), there are some truly inexplicable foods out there.

Take for example Korea where you can chow down on a live octopus. Sannakiji is an octopus that has been cut into small pieces, excepting the arms which are left to squirm around on the plate. If that's not enough to put you off, perhaps death by octopus is, as people have choked to death by the tentacles as they attempt to climb back up the throat.

Another one from South-East Asia is balut, which is a duck foetus egg. The eggs are boiled with the live foetus inside, and then eaten warm. They are considered a delicacy, although maybe you have to be brought up with it to enjoy it!

From Africa comes mopane, which are basically caterpillars which have been de-spined and then dried. Apparently they taste just like crisps, but I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try!

Italian cuisine is known for being just delicious, and this is testified by the worldwide love of its food. So you wouldn't think that Italy could be included in this list of bizarre foods. However, Casu Marz is way more daring than other Italian dishes.

It is a cheese with has been aged, (obviously), although maybe decomposed is a more accurate description of it. The cazu marzu's crust is cut open in order to allow flies to lay their eggs in it. Once the eggs hatch and become larvae, the cheese is ready to eat.

So, next time you are visiting somewhere new, avoid fast food chains and try something with a little local color.