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The webmaster of Lokal TV may be contacted at the following email address for genuine inquiries and suggestions for this website at:

info (at) www.lokaltv.org

Please note that all replies will be via email so you will need to supply a valid, working email return address. We reserve the right to answer only those emails that we consider to be relevant and worthy of response. We also reserve the right to ignore emails that we deem to be irrelevant, distasteful or unsolicited.

Original Contact Information

The site originated in Finland but has been updated and remodeled to be more International. If you need to contact the originators, you can write to the following address:

Larsmo När-TV r.f.
Kontakt: Jarl Kronqvist, Västra Strandv. 53, 68580 Larsmo, 728 5087, 0400-269999,
studion 728 1462, jarl.kronqvist@multi.fi
Medlemmar: 220
Verksamhet: Regelbunden När-TV verksamhet, sändning onsdagar. Filmning, programkopiering, kursverksamhet m.m.