Chat Shows

There are always plenty of chat shows on national and local TV networks that provide a forum for interviewing people of interest to viewers. On a local TV station, the interviewees might be more likely to be local businessmen and service providers as well as local politicians and municipal leaders who are able to bring about changes to the locality.

We like to see especially those members of the local government who are responsible for making changes that affect everyone in the local community to be interviewed by their local TV station on an informal chat show style program to get them to open up about the changes they are making and what impact they see them having on the local community.

Interviewing Local Business Owners

Owners of local businesses can get some air time talking about their business and what it provides for local people in the way of products, service and even jobs. This has a two-fold effect, in that on the one side, the business owner gets to promote their business to the local viewing public and the public get to know about the business and what it offers them.

Local job creation and promotion is a big area where local television stations score. The ability is there to really provide a great service in advertising jobs to a greater audience than other methods such as posting ads in local community centers and public buildings such as job centers and libraries.

It can also be a good platform for businesses to provide their audience with a better deal on pricing and service levels than larger National companies. Consumers don't always choose local services over national ones because they often erroneously believe that the smaller local companies are more expensive. By being able to set people's mind right on a chat show environment, local businesses can increase their share of the market and benefit the local community with lower prices at the same time.

A Platform for Local Arts and Crafts

Of course another great benefit of airing chat shows locally is that there is also the chance for local artists, musicians and crafts people to show off their work and their talents to an appreciative local audience. Where these people have great talent that may go un-noticed by the larger TV networks, they can shine on their local stations and even propel themselves onward to greater audiences should those larger networks pick up on them.