Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction, what it actually is and how it is believed to be present in everyone's lives every moment of every day?

Well, I have certainly heard of it. In fact, I make a point of including it in my day on many levels, depending on what I'm doing.

Why do I do this and what do I get from it?

This is an interesting subject that surprises many people when they hear about it for the first time. It interests me, not necessarily because of what I can get from it, but how I can work with it to improve every aspect of my life.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Recently popularized in Rhonda Byrne's book (and later the movie documentary) of the same name, the Law of Attraction is a naturally occurring force that influences everything in our sphere of of attraction

Believe it or not, it's there and it is working all the time!

This force that is unseen, unfelt and to many, unknown, works on the principle that like energy attracts like energy. Since we and everything in this universe that we occupy is energy, that's a powerful force.

The belief is that on a natural level, a seed from a plant lands in the soil and if the right conditions for it to grow exist, it attracts them to itself to complete the cycle of nature.

On the same level, it can also be surmised that those conditions attracted the seed to fall in just the right place in the soil to give it the best chance of survival.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work In Our Lives?

When we take it up a few notches and bring the concept to the level of human existence, we need to understand just exactly what is meant by everything being energy.

Energy is the basic form that all creation stems from. Think of it as a collection of atoms silently humming away as their electrons orbit their nuclei (protons and neutrons), with the movement of the electrons forming a vibration.

From this, we get the primary law, which is the Law of Vibration from which that of Attraction stems.

A vibrating mass of energy emits a frequency, depending on its rate of vibration.

That frequency is determined by the form of the energy. A collection of hydrogen atoms will vibrate at a certain frequency, while a mass of oxygen atoms will vibrate at a different frequency.

Now comes the part that can be rather difficult to envisage.


Now only is all solid matter made up of energy, liquid and gas are also forms of energy. Water exists in three main states (solid – ice, liquid and gas – steam). Its frequency changes as it changes form, but the essential basic collection of atoms that make water in all its forms remains the same.

Water will only change its state when a different form of energy is applied to it, such as heat energy.

Yes, heat is another form or energy.

So applying heat to water will cause its frequency to raise and its form to change from liquid to gas.

Heat energy can be envisioned because we can experience it. We can feel heat on our skin.

Light is another form of energy that we can envisage, because we can see it. At least we can see a small (very small) portion of the light spectrum. Most of it is actually invisible to us, but we know of its existence through scientific study and special instruments that reveal its existence and form (in its particular wavelength).

Radio waves are also an energy form. We can't sense them with our human sensory organs, but we know of their existence again through scientific instruments that can measure them. We can also hear the result of putting them to use when we tune into a radio station.

If you thought we were getting into difficult territory, now is the point where it gets almost unbelievable.

Thoughts are also an energy form!

Yes they are and they have been measured by scientific instruments. The difference between thoughts and say, radio waves is that while the frequency of radio waves can be a adjusted by mechanical means (a radio transmitter), the frequency of thought changes without any mechanical interference.

We do that all by ourselves!

Thoughts and Frequency

When we think happy thoughts, we are actually transmitting thought waves on the frequency that corresponds to the feeling of being happy. Another person can receive those transmitted thought waves and while we can't (at least not yet) decipher the exact meaning of those waves, we can ″feel″ the frequency and experience a like response (we feel happy too).

You have perhaps already experienced this phenomenon, maybe without knowing why. A friend may have been walking up the path to your door unbeknown to you and they were feeling really happy. Indoors, you may have suddenly felt happy for no reason that you could think of and then the doorbell rang. You answered it to a happy smiling friend on your doorstep!

The converse may also have happened to you (and this is a more likely scenario). A very angry, grumpy person was walking up the path to your door and indoors, you had a sudden feeling of anger or grumpiness for no reason that you could think of. Or perhaps you started thinking of a recent incident that made you very angry.

Either way, upon receiving certain thought energy that made you feel happy or angry, you likely found yourself either experiencing a happy incident, like finding a long lost piece of jewellery behind a piece of furniture, or a correspondingly anger-inciting incident like stubbing your toe!

What was happening was the thought energy was being transmitted by the person walking up the path and it was received by you as you were indoors not expecting anyone to call.

This is how the Law of Attraction works in our lives. We become attracted to like energy when it is is harmony with out thoughts and emotions.

Using the Law of Attraction

With this knowledge, we can start using the Law to our advantage. For example, if you are in need of some extra money but don't know how you're going to get it, use the Law by putting yourself in a mental situation where you have that money and experience how it feels to have it and to be able to use it for whatever purpose you needed it for.

The money will not magically appear in your lap, by the way!

What will happen is that certain circumstances will come into play that will cause the money to find its way to you through normal channels. A chance meeting with someone you haven't seen in a long time might result in them needing your help with something that they would be willing to pay you for.

Or you may suddenly get the inspiration to finish that book you were writing and get it published. Different scenarios will happen to different people depending on what they do with themselves.

Yet in every scenario, not only will the person need to place themselves in the mental place where they are in possession of the thing the want, but they also need to take physical action to bring it into reality. Such as finishing an unfinished project that you lost interest in because you suddenly find the interest again and it can bring you what you need one way or another.

You can learn about this concept by taking one of the many, specially created Law of Attraction courses by experts in the field. You can read about that by following the link!

This is a remarkable way to work on your personal development and make spectacular improvements in your life simply be learning and understanding how this law works. Not just for you, but for everyone around you.