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In November, it will be re-video forum on 17-18 November, and this time we will be at the Victoria Hotel. I want your notifications as soon as possible, the hotel's sake. But by 31 October 2007. You can either sign up via e-mail: nartv at or phone and call 0500-163732 electricity 050-4024924. I would then know if you attend both days and any matdieter.

It has now become current with the cooperation of local TV and FST5, and we will discuss this in the video forum. Ulla amounts in Tampere to talk about the project and how it's done. Tommy Marten will go through copyrights and the like. Bengt Klemets is the producer of the project, and he will also be featured on the video boards, but then that juror. Tommy Raccoon, the second juror and Christina Agren is also that she does have a couple of years now. When we talk about the jurors so it's of course about the video contest.

Three classes involved with the importance of health education to help people to breathe healthy as normal; local television production that will be rewarded with Nygrenska price, and number one obtains first cold-statuette. We have open category and youth price Now look through the archive, we will notify late on deadline and address to which you will send the programs. This time, only the DVD, no VHS.

We will have much screening of the forum this year. Otherwise, the program still planned, but we will return soon with more information.

Now, if you have received this letter by mail only, and not by e-mail so I ask you to contact me and provide your e-mail addresses. For this is the last information letter sent out by post - after this run we only electronically. You can send the data to nartv at Mark subject box with local TV.

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