This is really just a page of misc info that is relevant to the subject of television in general.

That was the summer holidays, at least for students. Some of you may also take a summer break in production, while others will continue as usual. Enough about that, hope you had a nice start to the summer.

The Board held in May meeting and then met in Vaasa, to among others discuss the projects that the union is now working with. We hope you continue to use you in Aquila and change them as often as possible, and also enable young people in the business because it's also available cultural fund contributions in the form of generational project. For video forums in the fall so wrote the project on a part, which is also paid 800 euros in teacher compensation. The teacher will of course have a good knowledge and ability to teach both technically and visually. Information about the new system on the website and information on how the application to the Cultural Fund goes to.

It is time for the membership fee of 50 euros to be paid into the bank provided. Must be paid before 6.30 in 2006 to guarantee membership.

We the board have also started to plan this autumn video forums scheduled on 18-19 November 2006 at the Victoria Hotel in Tampere. To help us get the best out of the forum, you are welcome with ideas. Contact someone on the board and we will arrange the practical. Board contact information can be found on the website www.lokaltv.org

Info on Aquila

On September 1, occurred in autumn. That according to reliable sources. And in the autumn there will be new challenges. Video Forum is next in line on 19-20 November. One way to go until then, but it is now time to plan. You are supposed to search through the archive for the best in local TV productions you have done this year. For you to be well involved in this year's video contest!? By 4 November, the jury shall have your contribution.

More on the forum later in the letter. Before that, I would inform the union's latest project is now fully active. I'm talking about application sharing archive Aquila. On September 3, this was taken into use in connection with a course on the sofa in Yttermark. Twelve local TV stations have expressed interest in this, and most were represented on the course to sign for their "boxes". We were taught how to use the archive and ran into some problems, but those we could still solve the best way.

The idea of Aquila is simply the exchange of programs. Uploading and downloading. Here is one of good faith to contact the local TV if you intend to make changes or cut a program that someone else uploaded. If you download software, then you should not forget that you also have to upload their own programs. Take and give, so to speak.

Aquila provides a local TV employees many benefits. Imagine that there is a Karisbo participating in an important sporting event in Nykarleby. Then the chairman Jan Sundqvist there with his camera, which means that he thinks he could also share their images. He throws them into our archives and a happy local TV in Karis can pretend like they go around the whole of Finland in order to comply with important events ..

At the same course, we took also a look at some other computer programs, and participants seemed to Premiere Audition. As the interest was so great from the students who were on the sofa so it will be a planned course of this later.

So the video forums. It will be the 16th of the following and be arranged at the Victoria Hotel in Tampere on 19-20 November. To book this date.

We will also this year to devote much time to the screening so we hope to see many programs from your posts on the forum this year, and with it of course, many participants in the ever recurring video competition where Karl Sahlgren stands that will be chaired as before.

Discussions we're good at, so they are not to be overlooked in the Video Forum. It will be a large part of their programming. Some technical issues should we even consider, together with lecturers. There is still much to plan for the forum, but the board is working hard at it. It is important that we get as many participants as possible to come by. Tampere is a nice town.

In the case of video competition, there are certain rules we must follow:

Programs shall be 20 minutes long. (20.01 min disqualified) It is possible to shorten a program if you want.

Applications made in a language other than Swedish have absolutely subtitled in Swedish.

Programs should be sent to the jury in VHS format. (Only one (1) program / cartridge)

-Names and other details will be published later on our website when the contest is settled. Do not want your name, etc. published on the web, you should notify the registration form!