So You Want to be a Guitarist

Have you ever sat there watching a music show on TV and noticed the guitarist in a band playing and looking like he or she was really enjoying themselves?

Probably not, because most guitarists you see tend to be pretty focused on what they're playing and concentrating so hard they forget to smile much!

That doesn't mean they're not enjoying themselves though.

Playing guitar, like any musical instrument takes many hours of practice to get to a level of proficiency that would be deserving of being shown on a TV show. However, before any of that can happen, you actually have to sit down and learn to play guitar from scratch with some great online guitar lessons!

Naturally, you have to start somewhere, so starting at the beginning is usually the best place.

Going From Zero to Hero

It's all well and good to dream about being on stage with a famous band. It's a great feeling having the fans watching in amazement at your dexterity on the fretboard and creativity in the way you fit chords and riffs together to make beautiful and original songs stand out from the crowd. But to get to that place you will have to be prepared to watch, listen and learn and then put into practice what you have learned.

Going from absolutely knowing nothing about playing a guitar to becoming a household name in the music business will take some time and a lot of commitment and effort on your part.

It will involve many hours of frustrating repetition, playing the same notes and chord sequences over and over. This is necessary of course so that you become highly adept at making smooth chord changes and ever faster and more accurate single note fingering. You'd call it lead playing.

The Benefit of Structured Training

The great thing about playing the guitar is that you can get to a very high level of playing through getting the right kind of instruction early on. This is to help you avoid making common mistakes and picking up bad habits that are difficult to break once you develop your own playing style.

Structured training is absolutely the best way to ensure that you start out with the right set of instructions to get your playing off to a good start.

Once you have the basics under your belt, then you can begin to branch out and develop your own, unique playing style with a confidence that comes from a solid foundation in technique and accuracy that the structured approach of professional training can give you. Then you can look forward to the day that the person on that stage playing that cool guitar is you!