One of the major advantages of organisation is that it gets you to where you want to be more efficiently than being disorganised will ever do! In Tampere, we have been in previous years and it has proved a great hit spot because everyone has "somewhat" less long haul.

Even now, we want you to take advantage of the program when offered. The most important thing right now is video contest. The jury will want to have your contributions in hand by 7 November 2006. New this year is that it will be a youth class (programs screened in local TV) participating in this contest and who also will receive an award for best production. This is addressed in the U.S. especially for adolescents who participated in the generation project.

The rest of the race to go as before with a win sensed contributions also receives Donald statuette, and a second place and third place. Contributions sent in as the VHS format, but please enclose a DVD viewing copy. And note that the jury would have many contributors. It does not matter even if one person is responsible for several programs. An annex is attached where the rules for the video contest is!

Further work is now before the Law of Attraction Board on the program Video Forum and we will of course have Tom Bjorklund with us as a technical advisor so that you all each and every one can ask questions related to your local television and talk with him in peace. Then you can also get answers to any questions regarding Aquila.

The local TV that still have not joined the Aquila can also get more info about this through the union's chairman Jan Sundqvist. But we will therefore also address this in the video forum that you not joined the program to have a chance to do it. And to all who have log-in, we call to deploy more applications and use the service regularly.

Finland Swedish Local TV Association has also reflected on a broader form of cooperation between local TV stations. It is about place and place of work together. There are many Finland-Swedish events that affect us all. These are thoughts that we will address on the video forum in November.

Video Forum will therefore take place on 18-19 November and you can sign up right now or no later than November 1. The notifications can be made by phone 0500-163732 or by e-mail nartv at If you send your application via e-mail type "video forum" in the subject box.

Regarding local television members' participation fees at the Forum, the cost will be subsidized just as before.

Video Forum's programs are broadcast as soon as it's done.

Info in Finnish

Lokal-TV förbundets syfte är att främja lokal-TV verksamhet i Finland samt förena lokal-TV verksamheten.

Förbundet bildades i Nykarleby 1993. Som medlemmar i förbundet kan antas lokal-TV sammanslutningar, kommuner, samkommuner, ideella registrerade organisationer och företag.

Förbundets verksamhet bygger i huvudsak på ideella krafter, under åren har bl.a. Svenska Kulturfonden, Nygrenska Stiftelsen och Trafikministeriet understött verksamheten.

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