Medical Health on TV

There is a great deal of scope for promoting medicine and medical health on local television stations. The benefits to the community are many fold from raising awareness of the availability of medical care and accessibility such as providing addresses, telephone numbers and opening times.

It is also useful to know which medical centers specialize in certain forms of medicine and medical procedures and which have outpatients departments as well as the location of the nearest ER.

Who Needs Health?

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Maybe you haven't really thought about it much, but believe it or not, your health is the number one most important thing in your life bar none! So what can we do to improve the way we are and our physical well being together?

Fast Food is Bad for Your Waistline and Your Health

For many years I have understood that in order to maintain a healthy body and keep the weight at or near to its ideal level, I have to make sure that I eat right. Now that doesn't mean I have to force feed myself rabbit food or live on a diet of raw carrots and oatmeal, but it does mean being sensible about what I eat.

Plenty of people really have no idea that a lot of what they are eating is causing them to gain weight and promote ill health. If they only read the labels on food and took some time to learn what all those E numbers and confusing ingredients were, they would think twice about what they bought at the store.

I learned a long tome ago why fast food is bad for you and have strived to avoid most of it to this day. I don't ever envisage myself changing that stance, because I consider the ingredients in most fast food to be unhealthy, addictive and a sure road to obesity. Certainly not the way to personal development, either.

Yet so many people eat that garbage day in and day out and then wonder why they get fat and suffer ill health. I'm sure people aren't so stupid, so there must be something that is tricking them into eating that stuff and not realizing how bad it really is for them instead of getting into home cookery and eating healthy stuff.

It just takes some education and a willingness to be educated and the motivation to be bothered to look for healthier alternatives and we wouldn't have this weight gain epidemic that is crushing our population.

Get Outdoors and Start Walking!

In recent years, I have found that I really don't need to exercise nearly as hard as I used to in order to maintain a healthy body. In fact, just walking everywhere in the fresh air is a big enough boost to my own metabolism to keep me in trim while I can eat most things in moderation and not gain any weight.

I think a lot of the people who are overweight and are looking at ways to lose a few pounds or more could do themselves a really big favor and get up off the sofa and out of the house to walk a few blocks every day. It's not as if you have to go all out to run a half marathon or something, it's just walking for health and getting some fresh air into the old lungs. Too many overweight folks would rather rely on some calorie controlled diets to lose those pounds, but the reality is that once they stop dieting, the weight will come back.

But if they did some simple daily activity like walking, they would lose weight faster with a diet and be less inclined to put it back later, as long as they keep up with their walking! It's so easy, I can't believe more people don't do it!