Local Sporting Events

There is always a lot of interest in local sporting events that take place within any community, especially when there is a well known team that competes at a high level either state-wide or nationally. But even small sports teams that never go any further than a local league or inter-school competition can benefit from exposure on their local TV station.


Football always generates a big audience both at the live games and on TV whether it is a huge nationally acclaimed team of highly paid professionals or a heroic local team made up of part time players who hold down real jobs, such as local storekeepers, lawyers, builders, firemen and office workers etc. Football fires up the adrenalin in both players and spectators and in a local setting, brings the community together to support their team.

Being able to watch a televised match between two local teams is such a benefit for those peopel who are unable for whatever reason to attend the game in person. This is one area where local TV can really shine and does!

Team Sports

There are many other popular team sports that can benefit equally from televised exposure at the local level and these include baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer etc and are all the more important to the local community because the teams are made up of local people who live and work in the area.

This is hugely important to school and college teams that would not get coverage by larger national networks.

Local Sports Competitions

There is always a great atmosphere at local sports galas where a variety of sportspeople can compete in a variety of events and prove their capability and skill in their chosen sport. This kind of event allows individual athletes and sportspeopel the chance to shine in their local town. It is made even more important when local TV covers the event, providing a means for anyone to view the event live or later as a recorded program if they missed it through having to work.