Distributed Information

In this article I look at some of the forms of distributed information that is relatively easy to come across for a person willing to undertake some research in the right directions.

League sends the (un) equal intervals out information about what happens at the local television scene to its members. Here you can familiarize yourself with the information we distributed.

Fee Paying

Now it's time to pay the membership fee to the union. Membership dues are as in previous years, 50 euros and paid into the account Federation Finland Swedish Local TV, account number 405591-27601. Membership 2008th

As most now pay their bills at home via computer, we will continue to make in this way. No bankgiron will be sent out by post. Just as we now do not send our info letter by mail. If you change your e-mail addresses, you should contact us as we get it changed in our records. And is there any, or if you know someone who still has not announced its e-mail address to me so do it now. You can reach me at this address: nartv at narpes.fi. You can also call 0500-163732.

The G right now in the covenant is new agreements with Teosto. On the initiative of Teosto A meeting was held in Vaasa 14.4 with the union chairperson and representatives from Teosto. On Teosto are being renewed contracts, including local TV contracts will be renewed.

A new contract proposal based on the meeting, in the autumn, the wishes of our side is that they should be able to do what it regards economic and practical (no music lists, etc.) Prices for broadcast on the Web and that the agreement includes the digital copy of the application that is fueled up to Aquila are some new sections that are pending. So we urge the members to review their agreement, those who own and you do not have it's probably necessary to make an agreement with Teosto if not before the fall. Some are not included in Teosto list ... How the new draft agreement will look like we do not know yet but it is expected become clear in the autumn, so we are hoping for an agreement that works well for us.

I hope you have been watching FST5 spring. The program Local TV screen turned out to be a hit. Ulla Many have been pleased with the cooperation, and encourage you to submit applications to her. The last programs in our course is now in May and it will be paused during the summer until autumn. It is still good to send materials to Ulla also during the summer.

With these words, we wish you a wonderful spring!

Transportation by RV

Moving equipment and personnel around is never one of the favorite pastimes of engineers and techie people, so anything that can make life easier is always welcome. There ar always transport options available and it was simply a case of choosing the most convenient and available one.

The chance to borrow one of the new rental RVs really helped the guys to move the people and equipment to its temporary home while things were being set up. The ride was awesome and everyone agreed it was a great choice. A big thanks to all concerned!