This is a forum on the many aspects of national and local television that may be of intrest to visitors. Here we have a collection of images and information that will help to bring a greater understanding of what goes on in TV stations and how everything is held together.

Video Forums

Yes, it was so that we have had video forums again. (17-18.11) The success of such by many participants, and some new faces which is always nice. We also received many video contributions this year, and 26 pieces of local TV contribution. Fun!

It was man's best friend, who won first prize and Donald statuette. Wonder what little dot like it? Margareta Lindholm (Malax TV) had followed their new family member dot (a Bernese Mountain Dogs, dogs) during his first summer, and it fell to the jury.

The jury, by the way Kristina Agren (director), Bengt Klemets (producer) and Tommy Raccoon (TV director and media teachers). One of the jury's verdict to Malax TV's winning contribution was "A colorful protagonist who also dares to be himself" (referring to the dog that is)

In Nykarleby has been Cartie-rally. There we learned on the forum. We also learned that the NY TV with Jan Sundqvist in the lead managed to win, not rally, but the 2nd prize in video contest. Action-Packed thought the jury.

In Närpes has been music happening this summer. Finland-Swedish folk music festival that have been documented by Jan-Erik Widjeskog and Mary Launonen. Third prize went to When TV.

In the open class attended four contributions. All of City Folk High School. The program "The Curse" with Lego figures in the center won.

Local TV in the FST 5 was the major topic of discussion. Ulla Many were invited to talk about the project that will provide local television stations the opportunity to demonstrate their programs in the national channel. The project goes under the working title "Local TV Screen" and intend to start now after the turn of the year. We received information and answers to all sorts of issues and Mard Tommy gave us info about music rights that perhaps many of us do not even know. A welcome forum topic that is.

Ulla Mang, um-production, handling the practical with the work. Bengt Klemets is producer and he was also in Tampere.

There were many pleasant discussions, and certainly a part in the sauna for those who were there. The annual meeting went as usual on Sunday morning and we chose a new member of the Board. Instead of Rainer Munther who resigns, is now taking Alf Martin Haagensen from Solf local TV over.

Now we start up a continued pleasant winter with much snow and freezing temperatures and a white Christmas. Will see if anything of these requirements ...

NOTE! Next year's video forum is also held in Tampere at the Victoria Hotel. The same weekend as last. Make a note of it: Saturday-Sunday, November 18 to 19, it will be well then, check your calendar!

With many greetings from your secretary