Photo Album 2001

This is the Photo Album for 2001 that contained a great bunch of photos at local stations and the people that worked there. Of particular interest are the faces and personalities back of those images, that depict local TV employees going about their business as well as situations that show the internal workings of a station.

The atmosphere in a local TV station can be fun or tense depending on what is going on at the time. When big programd are being put together, scheduales need to be met and tensions can get pretty high. At other times, everyone can relax and enjoy some fun and practical jokes get played on people all over the place!

Where Did They Go?

Unfortunately, they were not retrievable from old archives and therefore have been lost, which is a particular shame. But that doesn't mean we can't populate this page with more photos from around that time that we can salvage form various archives where possible. This is an ongoing task as the old images are located and uploaded so, please bear with us while we get everything together!