This section of the website contains all the additional articles on a variety of interesting topics that are published here. The idea behind this section is to keep the visitor up to date with what's happening around the place and what is of interest to the casual observer who may just happen to land on this page.

It really doesn't matter what your own personal field of interest may or may not be. We like to stick with the premise that everyone is different and has different tastes and interests. So we have broadened the spectrum of what we'll write about and publish here in this website just to keep things interesting and provide something extra for visitors to sink their teeth into should they wish to do so!

What's new for October 2020?

What has been added to this section for this month? Well, there are always things going on here that are worth looking in on every once in a while. I'm publishing a wide variety of topical pieces that cover a pretty wide range of subjects that are of interest to TV viewers everywhere.

Musicians and musical capability in general are always popular newsworthy subjects that a lot of people love hearing about. We all love music, it's true!

Musical Reading

First up, here are some external web pages that I came across that are related to the world of music and musicians, particularly related to learning and tuition. There are some really interesting articles that have been included here:

You might want to check them out or not as you choose as they look at what's happening in the world of music from the viewpoint of a range of musical styles from traditional bands to the stage-happy live singer.

Additional Reading

Let's not just limit oursleves to the musical world of things. There are plenty of subjects that grab our attention from day to day so let's expand a little into other areas as well. That's exactly what we decided to do here, so there are several articles in this section of this site that can be accessed by clicking on the titles below: