TV Fitness Gurus

Gracing your screens on national TV are the big name celebrity fitness gurus that promise to lick you into shape in a jiffy! There are several big names associated with this side of TV keep fit and we've provided a short list of some of the more popular and better known names that are both loved and feared!

Women Fitness Instructors

Some of these women trainers may look gorgeous but they have a sting in their tail when it comes to slouchers. They will get you off that sofa and jumping around the room faster than you can say "please, no more!" No prisoners are taken with these feisty gals!

Men Fitness Instructors

There are some big names in men's fitness trainers on TV as well as the girls. These guys can show you exactly how to get fit and to hone your body into a tight, slim masculine figure that the girls will go cerazy for! So here is a list of some of themore popular of the guys who will work you till you drop!

Of course who you choose as your personal fitness hero or heroine is completely up to you and that choice will doubtless be based on your personal needs and preferences. There are many circumstances where following a certain personal fitness trainer or guru is a very wise choice as it can bring some extremely encouraging results in your own health and fitness levels.