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Looking at television in general and providing opinions on what is and is not worth watching from a personal physical health aspect, this website has been created to help understand the several health related consequences of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

We look into why more and more people are watching more and more television even though many would argue that the quality of programming is falling while the aggressiveness of advertising is rising.

We also focus on the advantages and disadvantages of local television, which can be an essential part of any community. It provides a means of keeping that community up to date with what is going on in the locality.

It also helps bring a community together by providing a central focus of local information that everyone can make use of and benefit from.

Problems aside, there are still a great many benefits to television and the many educational programs that provide a means of learning about our world that being both visual and aural create a powerful learning tool.

Of course there are constant news programs providing people with information on what is going on in the world around them as well as in their own country and even, thanks to local TV, in their own home towns.

Local TV Benefits

local television programmingThere are a great many benefits to having local TV stations that are dedicated to bringing the community local news, events and information. This is an area that national TV stations can't possibly cater for since they have to provide programing for a nation who are not so concerned about what is going on in a town that maybe in another State halfway across the country!

But local TV can bring local residents information on many aspects of the community. For instance, it can inform viewers on what is going on in local politics.

It can provide information on what municipal works are being carried out and are scheduled to be carried out such as the development of public parks, roads, sidewalks and access to places. It is also a great medium for bring to the attention of the local community any social events, concerts and functions where singers, dancers and musicians can get together and enjoy themselves.

A local television station can also bring viewers up to date on what local health authorities are providing for citizens so that they can all enjoy a happy health level and not miss out on what is being provided by local health centers. It can also provide a platform for what local businesses are providing in the way of health and fitness products and services and where local jobs in these areas can be found.

This all creates a highly centralized and informative space by which local citizens can learn about their town and its surroundings, how it is governed, the people that make up its population and the businesses that provide employment and services to its citizens.

Promoting Local Business

Local businesses make up the backbone of any community and provide goods, services and employment for local people. Using local TV to promote local business then is sound strategy. It is a great way of creating a means for self development and to expand into more profitable and beneficial areas in the locale.

Employment for local people is a necessity or there is no local community. This is because people would work away, often in the next large town looking for new ways of increase. When that happens, people often uproot and move to where the employment is.

A balance needs to be struck between enabling local businesses to thrive and create employment for local people while not pricing them out of the area with high taxes or excessive local business rates. All too often greedy politicians see local businesses as cash cows and literally kill a community by taxing them out of existence and forcing the workforce to leave town to find employment elsewhere, effectively leaving a ghost town behind.

Promoting Local People

In the area of personal development, there is huge scope for advertising media sites (example: www.tvaf.org) in conjunction with local television stations to provide not only informative programs on how this is best achieved, but to also provide local life coaches and occupational therapists with a voice to announce their presence.

There is much to be said of the benefits to be gained by educating people on how to create new calm confidence in themselves and attain a level of self esteem that can only help to further their potential to achieve so much more in their lives and thereby benefit the lives of all they come into contact with. That way they can help people to become more successful and profit by their skills and abilities.

In fact for a local viewer who has it in mind to improve their lot in life, this could be a great opening. If you wanted to achieve your creative potential, what better way than to have it shown to you by a professional life coach or similarly qualified person who has the know how and ability to convey their knowledge to an eagerly awaiting viewer base.

It also pertains to someone starting up in business who needs the right kind of assistance to get off to a good start and to avoid the many pitfalls that beset many fledgling businesses. Helping to promote an affiliate marketing training course or two is also useful.

There is also the area of any community that has people with special needs and this is a marvellous way for local media to provide a platform for people with disabilities and mobility issues as well as those with short or long term disabling injuries to have a voice and bring it to the attention of the community as well as to the local politicians who have the power to improve their lives in some way. There are many issues pertaining to the handicapped and mobility challenged that can be aired and solutions found.

Programming can educate the local populace on how the many aspects of science and nature combine to create and provide for a healthier and more exciting environment. Mental stimulation by promoting mind taxing games and using subliminal affirmation software are other avenues to be pursued.

There could be local inventors and research personnel that could have their say and use this powerful medium to show local residents just exactly what is possible when the creative mind is put to good use. The possibilities are endless!